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In 1997, was purchased by Nick Biondo of New York. He used it for his New York based company "Who Dat Music Productions" at the start, which was inspired by his daughter, Christina.

Who Dat Music Productions clients include Prudential (Life Insurance), IBM Watson Development and countless private clients. His "Who Dat Audio Logo" was trademarked soon after. 

In the early 2000's Steve & Sal Monistere, (now residing in San Antonio, Texas) owners of the Who Dat? trademark had contacted Biondo and opened a flimsy deal to share the landing page. The main page would lead to two different pages. Nick Biondo had confided in the brothers but when things went south Biondo threatened to pull out of the contract. It was then when the Monistere brothers locked Biondo out his own website.

In steps Biondo's son, Joe Biondo, Brooklyn.

The domain name was returned to the rightful owners with acknowledgement of who indeed owns Prior to the Monistere's involvement, Biondo had no idea why he was receiving hundreds of page views per week (sometimes thousands per month.  It was of course because of the NO Saints chant.

Joe Biondo continued a weak contract with the Monistere's hoping that they would "blow the business out". Unfortunately they did the opposite. For ten years they decided to concentrate on "ambulance chasing" little t-shirt company's. Failing to maintain their tiny payments, Biondo still gave them a chance to recover and puish the site in the right direction. They managed to win a suit against the NO Saints merchandise. However, The NOLAinians have grown tired of the name not truly representing the true meaning of Who Dat and resented the fact that they spent energy chasing NOLA merchants down for licensing fees, their own people!

The site has become very unpopular. "The site was ruined by them" says Joe Biondo. Who Dat? Filed for bankruptcy 2021ish owing thousands to the NO Saints (mystery) thousands to the Biondos and more to other vendors.

Biondo was considering opening another contract with a true sharing landing page but has since changed his mind due to their previous non-transparency. He says if they want they can place an ad on his site but will not be allowing anyone to develop the site on their own.

Joe Biondo is currently trying to rebuild the name with a friendly reverence to NOLA and especially in the NOLA Music Scene. Many NOLA vendors are showing high resistance. They don't want to have any part of because of how the Monistere brothers have run the name into the ground.

Supposedly, the Monistere's have partnered with Greg Latham, an IP Attorney in New Orleans and supposedly another silent partner.
In the interim, is quietly for sale by Biondo. He is currently monitoring the page visits and offering ad spots to NOLA Vendors.

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